MBWTEYP are back

The band MBWTEYP
MBWTEYP: crazy, sexy, cool!

Is >brilliant< a good enough word to describe German band MBWTEYP? Well, I certainly don't think so! Eclectic, exuberant and extravagant might be a few of the terms that could possibly end up to describe them right.

Well, MBWTEYP is just pure Rock n Roll for the glamorous now-generation!

And while there is still some controversy over the band's name (in full: My Baby Wants to Eat Your Pussy) they are musically progressing ahead, winning awards amass and the hearts of spectators wherever they play.

After the release of their debut album "Ignorance and vision" in 2008 they are now ready for some more serious fun climbing up the ladder to stardom.

In the NeuGut-interview MBWTEYP front man Ziggy Has Ardeur gives some insight into the band's hearts n brains, reveals secrets no one knew they existed and talks about da futsha - so go away weatherman: Here comes MBWTEYP with tons of bright sunshine and thunder amass!

The MBWTEYP interview will be complemented with songs from their debut album plus all new stuff which will be presented also during their upcoming German tour.


Neu-Gut the LIVE show on Monday, April 26, 2010 from 8-10 pm

NeuGut will be repeated on the following dates (German time):

Tuesday: 8-10 am
Wednesday: 1-3 pm
Thursday: 4-6 am
Saturday: 0-2 am


Tune in to Freies Radio Freudenstadt for the entire show.